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Jumbo Wing Sizes
All wing sizes are served w/ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Wing combos are served w/french fries, raw fries or fried okra, or side salad and can drink. 
  6pc wings                                              $  5.79
  6pc combo                                             $  7.78
  10pc wings                                            $  9.69
  10pc combo                                           $10.69
  (add $1 for 2nd flavor, 10 only)
  20pc wings  (2flavors)                         $19.69
  30pc wings  (3flavors)                         $28.79    
  40pc wings  (4flavors)                         $36.79
  50pc wings  (5flavors)                         $45.79
100pc wings  (4flavors)                         $81.99
have your wings breaded for an additional $1.00 per 6 and each 10
Boneless Wings also available(same price)
Wing Sauces
BUFFALO: Mild, Medium, Hot, Painful
WET: Teriyaki, *Spicy Teriyaki, Teriyaki Bbq,* Hot Bbq,Buttery Bbq, Honey Bbq, *Chipotle Bbq, *Kansas
City Bbq, Vinegar Bbq,Garlic Butter
Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Parmesan Ranch, Lemon Pepper Garlic, Honey Mustard, Bourbon Molasses, Carolina Gold
DRY: Jerk, *Cajun, *Garlic Siriacha, Rotisserie, Old Bay, Mojito Lime, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Pepper
Too Hot: Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpian
create your own wing flavor by adding any two, three flavors together (.50 extra per added flavor)
*indicates spicy 
Combo served w/
ff, raw fries,okra, or side salad & can drink

Chicken Sandwich                                  
Lightly breaded chicken breast topped w/lettuce & tomato served on a kaiser roll 
add bacon $1.00, cheese .50, sauce .50

Chicken Fingers                                        
Lightly breaded chicken filet strips served w/honey mustard  Add sauce for .50 extra.

Chicken Wrap                                           
choice of grilled or fried chicken w/lettuce tomatoes, cheese, onions, pickles, banana peppers  and choice of ranch or bleu cheese.

Fried Fish (3)        (tilapia) 

Shrimp (15-20 med)
Lightly breaded shrimp served w/tarter sauce or wing sauce on side
Shrimp  Basket   (15-20 med. shrimp only)           $7.99

Hot Dog/Plate                               $1.95ea/$4.89
  Chilli, mustard, ketchup, onion 

Daily Lunch Special $5.99
Menu varies please call for updated menu!

Desserts(all homeade)
Cake (different varieties)                                         $2.25
(red velvet, lemon,honey bun,chocolate...)
Loaf Pan Cakes (varies)                                            $8.00
Brownies                                                                     $2.25
     (gourmet cookies)                                              2/$1.25

(All desserts subject to availability)
(Check for cake of week)(Whole cakes can be ordered)

Raw fries are thinly sliced potatoes cooked a little crispy and a little floppy with seasoning.

Please note that prices are subject to change to ensure freshness and quality of food!*

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Appetizers & Salads 

Bleu Cheese Salad                     $6.95
Fresh romaine lettuce topped w/bleu cheese crumbles, red onions, bacon, croutons served w/choice of dressing.
Greek Salad                                $6.95
Fresh romaine lettuce topped w/tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese & black olives served w/choice of dressing.
House Salad                               $6.95
Fresh romaine lettuce topped w/tomatoes, bacon, red onions, cheddar cheese & croutons served w/choice of dressing.
Dressing choices
ranch, bleu cheese, greek, lemon parmesan. 
add chicken (fried or grilled) to any salad for $2.00 or any wing sauce for .50.
1/2 Salads(same as above)      $3.99
Side Salad (lett,tom,cheese    $1.99
Mozzarella Sticks                       $5.95
Real mozzarella cheese coated w/italian seasoned breading served w/marinara.
Beer Battered Onion Rings     $5.95
Sweet spanish onions sliced thick and double dipped in draft beer batter served w/ketchup.
Beer Battered Mushrooms       $5.95
Whole button double dipped in draft beer batter served w/ranch or horseradish.
Breaded Zucchini Slices          $5.95
Zucchini slices surrounded w/lightly seasoned breadcrumbs served w/ranch.
Cream Cheese Jalapenos         $5.95
Pepper halves filled w/cream cheese and coated in a light potato breading served w/ranch or horseradish.
Sampler Platter                          $9.95
Combination of beer battered onion rings, mushrooms, zucchini slices, jalapenos, mozzarella sticks, and raw fries.
Side Items
French Fries                          sm $1.99
                                                  lg $3.99
Raw Fries                              sm $1.99
                                                  lg $3.99
Fried Okra                            sm $1.99
                                                  lg $3.99
can drinks                                   $1.00
(Pepsi, Dpepsi,Mist Twist,Sunkist)
2ltr pepsi                                     $2.50
bottled water                              $1.25
sweet tea, lemonade, koolaid
                                             16oz $1.45
           1/2 gal tea $2.99, gal tea $3.99
     1/2  gal lemonade/koolaid  $3.99     
            gal lemonade/koolaid  $4.99

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